About the course

ICoN AP Italian Language and Culture online is a complete and stand-alone AP Italian exam preparation course. It is made up of 15 topic-based units covering various aspects of Italian culture and is delivered through a teaching platform created specially for language instruction.

Students learn the language and practice exam techniques by performing three types of activities:

  • the exercises with automated correction are questions with specific correct answers. The system provides immediate feedback and records students’ progress, guiding them towards conscious and autonomous language learning. These activities also assist students in preparing for the Multiple Choice section of the AP exam.
  • the activities with open-ended answers are written and oral exercises which help students prepare for the Free Response section of the AP exam. Students will find these highly motivating, as they promote written and oral interaction in Italian. They are corrected by the teacher;
  • the grammar and vocabulary study files are for more in-depth study of the structures of the Italian language.

What you will study

ICoN AP - Unit 1 Unit 1 Energy in the future
ICoN AP - Unit 2 Unit 2 Respecting the environment
ICoN AP - Unit 3 Unit 3 Movies and novels
ICoN AP - Unit 4 Unit 4 The Italian genius


ICoN AP - Unit 5 Unit 5 Italians online
ICoN AP - Unit 6 Unit 6 City or country?
ICoN AP - Unit 7 Unit 7 Healthy eating
ICoN AP - Unit 8 Unit 8 Now for a commercial break!


ICoN AP - Unit 9 Unit 9 Facts and feast days
ICoN AP - Unit 10 Unit 10 Journeys through art
ICoN AP - Unit 11 Unit 11 Tell me a story
ICoN AP - Unit 12 Unit 12 I wanted to be a dancer


ICoN AP - Unit 13 Unit 13 A literary affair
ICoN AP - Unit 14 Unit 14 Italians and Europe
ICoN AP - Unit 15 Unit 15 An important birthday